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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shake that tooth!

Hi there! Been working last year on some monster and this dude was supposed to make weird sounds with his teeth - the direction was to go for some teeth chattering, jaw clanking, stuff that can enoy you enough to stay away from him.. Here is a few extracts of the files I produced, enjoy :-)

Regarding my original material for these sounds, it was multiple takes of teeth clanking and jaws dislocation movements. I recorded the sounds with an AKG C 414 and I had to compress them a lot because even if the person was quite close to the mic, the clanking was to soft..

So compression and a bit of maximising helped me to get the presence and punch I wanted! I also filtered with a low cut everything under 200 Hz which wasn't needed for this type of sound. And finally I automated a pitch shift plugin now and again and use time compression (Flex time in Logic) to make the clanking a little faster. Here is a picture of the Logic strip with the plugins I used.

Teeth chatter 1 by gugasprod Teeth chatter 2 by gugasprod Teeth chatter 3 by gugasprod

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