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Friday, March 2, 2012

Unworldly Organ

Last time I went to New York, I walked downtown and we saw a church called "St-Thomas", it's in the middle of the skyescrapers in the midtown center. We decided to go inside to see the look of it : the design inside was beautiful but very quiet, not a lot of people just one guy with a broom cleaning up the area.. We just took a few pictures, check a bit the area then suddenly we heard a massive sound coming from the 1st level of the church, there was this chinese lady practicing the organ but man the sound was pretty scary!! I had this image of the frankenstein mansion in my mind without the rain and the thunder but still freaky.

I am glad I had my portable recorder this day, I tried to find the best spot : in the middle of the church below the organ tubes but not too close so I could benefit of the church reverb, I waited for a little pause in her game, hit record and that was it! Here is a sample of it after a bit of editing and level matching.

Ambience_NewYork_Organist_SaintThomasChurch_01 by gugasprod

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  1. Nice recording. Definitely Frankensteinish!